Origin: Tuscany, Italy
Surfing since: 2011
Languages: Italian, Spanish, English.
Qualifications: Surf instructor by the Canarian Surf Federation.
Surf trips: Portugal, Spain

How did you start surfing?
My first contact with a board was with a skateboard and a snowboard, the sports that I have practiced since my childhood and that I have always been good at. When I arrived in Fuerteventura, I saw a possibility to practice these sports but in the waves so I started spending hours and hours in the water, enjoying the amazing feeling of surfing.

What do you convey to the people?
The beauty of nature and the contact with it. Also the fun that surfing gives, because the most important thing in life is to have fun.

Why learn to surf in Fuerteventura?
Fuerteventura surf level is one of the best in Europe. It is a beautiful island with perfect waves to learn surfing and it has an incomparable climate.

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