Basic recommendations to learn how to surf

Nov 4th, 2015

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Basic recommendations to learn how to surf

Learning to surf is an unforgettable fun experience! It’s more than just learning a new sport, surfing is a lifestyle which brings lots of happiness to body and soul. Everybody can learn to surf, no matter your age or physical condition, you just have to meet with the right instructor that shows you the way! At Protest Surfcenter our team has developed a step by step learning program, going from absolute beginners to advanced. Here are some tips to get you started!

Choose the right spot according to your level! Best is to go to a good local surf school, the instructors will take you to good waves for your level so you get the most out of your session. It´s important to know that every wave or spot is different, not every wave is for every level! When you arrive at a new surf spot, take your time to observe the spot with its currents, how the wave breaks, where other surfers go in and come out the water,… and if possible talk to locals or your instructor about the spot: they are the ones that can advise you best. For beginners beaches with a sandy underground are recommended for safety reasons.

• Selecting the right board is very important. The team of Protest Surfcenter advises beginners to start with softboards, they don’t come so hard on the head when crashing and it’s also safer for the people around you. Softboards also float more so you can catch the foam waves easy.
• Learn in your own rhythm! In surfing it’s very important to learn step by step. We at Protest Surfcenter have developed a unique step by step learning program that is designed to make you progress fast but with a solid base. Of course every student is different, and the best surfer is the one with the biggest smile, so take your time to learn every step thoroughly until you master it enough to go to the next step. Good instructors have lots of patience, and will adapt themselves to your rhythm, making sure you have lots of fun!

• Learning to paddle good is essential in surfing. The better you paddle, the more waves you can surf in one session. Improve your paddling condition step by step, you can already do so at home by paddling without waves or swimming. In the intermediate/advanced courses of Protest Surfcenter a lot of time is dedicated to learning the right paddling technique.

• Respect the rules in the water. In our last blog we talked more about this. There are certain rules in surfing to organise priority and the line up, take your time to study them so you don’t disturb the other surfers. These rules have to be explained by every surfschool so there will be only big smiles in the water!

• Take the white wash to start. The best way to practice putting your feet on the board is in the white foam. Surfing foamies is easier and less physical in the beginning. Once you are doing good on the foamies it is time to paddle a bit more and to get out there in the line up trying to catch the green waves! And once you have caught your first green wave, there is no turning back: you will be surf addicted for life!

Everybody can learn how to surf! Develop your skills step by step until you feel like a fish in the water. The most important thing is to enjoy the process, and this is easier if you start with a professional instructor from a good surf school like our Protest Surfcenter… especially at such a good surf destination with nice waves like Fuerteventura, offering warm weather all year round!

Enjoy your first waves!!!
The team of Protest Surfcenter

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